World’s Best Open Source NGO ERP Software

When thinking of non-profits, many people do not realize the ways in which even a small non-profit could benefit from the use of an enterprise software. But even the smallest of non-profit organizations need employees, databases, and financial software just to run.

Run your non-profit organization smoothly by tracking members, memberships, volunteers, donors, and grant applications.

Non-profit, Pro-Good Work
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Running a sustainable non-profit organization is no joke. From finding suitable members to running logistics to getting good work done, there are a lot of factors involved.

With modest pricing that allows access to all modules, Simpel ERP covers NGO management and much more to run your organization. Be it tracking members, donors and volunteers or recording and receiving grant applications-Simpel ERP handles everything.


Members are a vital part of any non-profit organization. Manage the members of your NGO and categorize them into different types. Set membership expiration, and check if existing customers or suppliers are members of your non-profit.

Grant Application

Some NGOs may get grants from governments or foundations , while other NGOs may give grants to others. No matter the grant, it’s easy to record and track on Simpel ERP


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