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Notes is a tool that can be used for Personal Note Taking purposes. You can use it to save your lists, frequently used passwords, terms, and conditions, or any other document which needs to be shared or kept for reference.

To access Notes, go to:

Home > Tools > Note

How to create a new Note

  1. Go to Note list and click on New.
  2. Enter the Title of the Note.
  3. Enter the Content of the Note. The content box is a Text Editor box to enable you to format the content as per your requirements.
  4. Save.

Visibility of Notes

You can select whether or not you want this particular Note to be Public. Making a Note public will allow you to share it across Users in your Simpel ERP account.

Once you enable making a Note Public, there will be another checkbox, saying ‘Notify users with a popup when they log in’.

You can also select if you wish to give some specific users, the right to read, write or share your note. This can be done from the ‘Share’ option in the left sidebar.

Notification for Notes

Enabling this property would ensure that whenever any User logs into their account, there will be a Pop-Up notification for the note.

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