World’s best fully open source agriculture ERP software

ERP software in Agriculture helps in streamlining every process like procurement, production, and distribution. Manage your agriculture business with features for recording and tracking crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilizers.

Manage all your fields with one software

ERP for agricultural industry can bring in many qualitative changes in the industry. When used correctly and prudently, the ERP for agriculture industry can satisfy all the desired business requirements.

agriculture ERP software. Maybe you can manage a single field. But when you have multiple lands and crops, many factors come into play. Get analytics for crops, plants, soil, water, and weather. Simpel ERP helps record not only your crops and fertilizers, but also orders and invoices.


Outline your fields and record the total area of the field. The land will be shown on the map. You can even create parent locations (such as states) if you do business in multiple locations.

Plant Analysis

Analyse the plants or crops in a particular location by recording the collection, testing, and result time. Then record the plant contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values to detect any anomalies.

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